Private &Hobbyist Regulations:

Private Operations:

Subject to sub regulation (2), the provisions of subpart 2, 3, 4 and 6 of Part 101 do not apply to private operation of RPAS; they need to comply with subpart 5 of the regulation.Private operations are further exempted from provisions of regulation 101.05.5 (2); 101.05.8 (1)(b),(c) and (d); 101.05.10 (1)(a) and (b) but must comply with the rest of subpart 5.These requirements have been summarized in the list and is called the private operations checklist.

Private & Hobbyist Checklist:

  • Not for commercial gain, Interest or outcome (See definitions).

  • Strictly Clear weather conditions.

  • Strictly RVLOS (see Definitions).

  • May not use a public road as a place of landing or take-off.

  • May not operate in Controlled Airspace.

  • May not operate in Restricted Airspace.
  • May not operate in Prohibited Airspace.
  • May not release, dispense, drop, deliver or deploy objects or substance from an RPA.
  • May not carry Dangerous Goods.
  • May not consume Drugs or Alcohol.
  • May not operate near Prisons, Police Stations, Court of Law, Crime Scenes, National Key Points or Strategic Installations.
  • May not operate within 10KM of an Aerodrome.
  • May not operate within 50M of people.
  • May not operate  within 50m from any structure.
  • May not operate within 50m from a public road.
  • Only with a Class 1A or 1B RPA (Sub 7kg Drones)
  • May not tow another aircraft
  • May not perform aerial or aerobatic displays
  • May not fly in formation or swarm.
  • May not fly on any property without permission from the property owner

Any transgression for any of these would mean that they are guilty under regulations and under SAPS codes.For more information relating to the ACT please contact SACAA directly on contact details below.


Responsible Acting

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